Trbovlje is an urban mining settlement, which extends over the valley of the river Trboveljščica. The development of the city is closely associated with the mining of coal.

The beginnings of mining dates back to 1804, where it gained importance by the construction of the railway by the Sava valley. What began with coal, gradually developed into the various industries (cement, glass, brick), which have contributed significantly to the development of this region.

The Trbovlje cement was the first in the area in the Central Sava Valley (Zasavje), which opened its doors for visitors to see the production process of cement.

In place of Trbovlje you will find the shopping mall, hospital, school, the gym and the sports leisure center with a variety of dedicated facilities. Another commercial and cultural center was developed the city of industrial workers in the central part of the industry.
To counteract air pollution, a thermal power plant was built with a 362 m high chimney.

In recent years the city has increasingly get a friendlier face and has become attractive for tourists. Trbovlje is proud to offer many natural attractions, as well as cultural and historical monuments, art and sacred monuments. The most interesting are probably the ethnological monuments in the immediate vicinity of Trbovlje, especially the old mining colony.

Visitors of Trbovlje feel the pulse of this city by getting to know the industry. As the first visit of a industrial complex the Lafarge Cement Factory can be visited, where you can get lots of details about the process of production of cement and about the history.


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