Grebaštica - located in the center of the Croatian coast!

Placed in the Šibenik-Knin county, with its position in the center of the Croatian coast, Grebaštica represents the perfect starting point for visiting numerous Croatian tourist attractions and destinations.

Unique for the crystal clear sea right next to the dense pine forest of the hill of Jelinjak, Grebaštica is famous as one of the longest bays of the Croatian part of the Adriatic located only 15 km souther from the town of Šibenik.

Beautiful pebble beaches, peaceful local atmosphere and rich gastronomic offer are the confirmation of the guaranteed relaxing vacation, that Grebaštica is well known for.

Grebaštica today is represented by the line of uninterruptedly connected smaller bays, as well as of the little villages in its hinterland. Directly by the sea from the north to the south the bays are the following ones: Galešnica, Banovci, Dumići, Jakovljevići and Šparadići. The hinterland of Grebaštica consists of four villages: Konoba, Brnjača, Svirčići and Gornji Banovci. Each and every part of Grebaštica is unique in its own way. However, the center of Grebaštica is considered to be in Banovci (by the sea), where you can find store, cash machine as well as the most of the restaurants and coffee bars.


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