The Schneebergbahn has been an easy and relaxed way to ascend Lower Austria's highest mountain since 1897. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Alps in the Schneeberg hiking paradise, just 80 kilometers to the south of Vienna.

The Schneebergbahn, one of three cog railways still in existence in Austria and the country's longest at 9.7 kilometers, brings nature-lovers up the Schneeberg between May and December. At 2,076 meters, the mountain some 80 kilometers from Vienna is not only the highest peak in Lower Austria, but also the easternmost and northernmost of the two-thousand meter summits of the Alps. In the second half of the 20th century, the population's interest in experiencing the wonderful mountain panorama within striking distance of Vienna grew steadily. The opening of the Schneebergbahn in 1897 was a logical step. Franz Joseph was also a guest of the Schneebergbahn in 1902.

Like in imperial times, it is still possible to climb the Schneeberg today. Nowadays, however, guests can choose between the 125 year-old nostalgic steam train (90-minute ride) and the Salamander locomotive that has been in use since 1999 (40 minutes). The journey begins at the train station in Puchberg, which is really easy to get to thanks to the many ÖBB connections. During the ride, you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape, which changes a little with each vertical meter. The train covers 1,200 vertical meters and arrives at Austria's highest train station at 1,795 meters above sea level. Also situated there is the Empress Elisabeth Church, a real Art Nouveau jewel that you shouldn't miss.

Hochschneeberg station in the mountains is the ideal departure point for a hike, which leads on its own or as part of a guided hiking tour along routes with different degrees of difficulty. With more than 80 kilometers of hiking trails and alpine climbing, Puchberg is one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Lower Austria. The panorama of the Alps is breathtaking, with long-distance views as far as Neusiedlersee Lake.

Talking of water: The entire Schneeberg is a water conservation area. Because the Schneebergbahn passes through one of Austria's most important drinking water resources, which supplies the residents of Vienna with fresh, clear drinking water. Namely the area of the Kaiserbrunnen spring in Höllental, which feeds the First Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline.

Further highlights

  • Get stuck into tasty Buchteln (yeast buns): You should definitely try the famous Schneeberg Buchteln with various fillings (apricot and plum) at Baumgartner station.
  • Drop by other pleasure stops: A total of six restaurants await you on the Schneeberg: the Zahnradbahnstüberl, the Hengsthütte, the Station Baumgartner, the Berghaus Hochschneeberg, the Damböckhaus, and the Fischerhütte.
  • Romp around on Lower Austria's highest playground: Explore the redesigned Salamander playground with your little ones.
  • Enjoy breathtaking sunrises: On the "Alpine Sunrise" (always on Fridays between July 7 to August 25, 2023), trips depart for the summit at 4.00 am, in order for you to enjoy the unique views of the Vienna basin at dawn.
  • Download the free audio guide: The audio guide tells you everything worth knowing about the Schneeberg and the Schneebergbahn.
  • Save with the combi-ticket: Thanks to the Schneeberg-Rax combi tickets, you can experience the two highest mountains in the Viennese Alps with just one ticket and save up to €22 per person.

Further information
Niederösterreichische Schneebergbahn GmbH
Bahnhofplatz 1
2734 Puchberg am Schneeberg
Tel: +43 (0)2742 / 360 990 1000

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