BERGFEX: Mittenwald: Dovolená Mittenwald - Cestování Mittenwald

Alpenwelt Karwendel


913 - 2.385m
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913 - 2.385m

Mittenwald – full of color and sound
The violin making and climatic health resort is a village full of history. Its fascination lies in the artful and traffic calmed area around the center of the village. Here you will find front-paintings as well as lovely shops and boutiques and many facilities for our guests. You will be enthusiastic about the soft and alpine hiking possibilities in Mittenwald which can be reached either with the chairlift or with the Karwendelbahn (cable railway).

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Tourist-Information Mittenwald
Dammkarstraße 3, D-82481 Mittenwald

+49 (0)8823 33981
+49 (0)8823 2701
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Kontakt Horské lanovky

Karwendelbahn AG
Alpenkorpsstrasse 1, D-82481 Mittenwald

+49 (0)8823 937676 0
+49 (0)8823 937676 9
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Místa Alpenwelt Karwendel
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