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Lyžařské oblasti Tessin

Lyžařská oblast Campo Blenio - Ghirone

1.200 - 1.650m
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Campo Blenio - Ghirone

1.200 - 1.650m

Plán sjezdovky Lyžařská oblast Campo Blenio - Ghirone

Vleky Campo Blenio - Ghirone


Provozní doba Zima

12.12.2020 - 19.03.2021
Provozní doba
09:00 - 16:00

WE dal 12.12 fino al 26.12 .
Dal 26.12 aperto giornalmente

Sjezdovky Campo Blenio - Ghirone

2 km
2 km
žádné údaje
5 km

Novinky Campo Blenio - Ghirone

Pista di ghiaccio aperta dalle 10.00 alle 18.00

Lyžařská oblast Campo Blenio - Ghirone

Campo Blenio - Ghirone - an ideal resort for families.

The modern facilities and ample parking near the departure of the ski lifts are offered at this winter sports center. Thanks snow making machines the skiing is guaranteed from December on.

The slopes are well suited to learn to ski and snowboarding. The ski is equipped with floodlights (information at checkout systems, Tel. + 41/(0)91-8722115).

Campo Blenio also features also the cross-country ski track Corca (classic and skating) of 4.5 km in length. For non-skiers, a beautiful winter hiking and snowshoeing trail which is located in the woods near Campo Blenio /.Ghirone.

Near the parking you can end your ski day in the cozy bar Cupola. Furthermore, there is the building of the Casa Greina the new self-service restaurant with a cozy snack bar Fopp-Zott. This is also accessible with snowshoes on a new path.

The *Children's Playground * got added some new equipment. There also runners find a comfortable running distance from the parking lot to the self-service restaurant.

The area also has *two refurbished mountain house, house Greina and house Crystallina, also suitable for the accommodation of groups, schools, etc ..

Kontakt Lyžařská oblast Campo Blenio - Ghirone

Società Cooperativa
Cristallina 48, CH-6720 Campo Blenio

+41 (0)91 8722115
Sněhový telefon
+41 (0)91 8722115
Úvodní stránka
Horské lanovky Turistický svaz
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