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Lyžařské oblasti Aosta

Lyžařská oblast Brusson / Monterosa

1.730 - 2.240m
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Brusson / Monterosa

1.730 - 2.240m

Plán sjezdovky Lyžařská oblast Brusson / Monterosa

Vleky Brusson / Monterosa


Provozní doba Zima

Provozní doba
08:30 - 16:00

Sjezdovky Brusson / Monterosa

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17 km

Lyžařská oblast Brusson / Monterosa

It has long been a renowned center for Brusson cross-country skiing and biathlon. It hosts major international sporting competitions. The cross-country trails along the fis Evançon Arcesaz Extrepieraz. It goes through the sunny Vollon level. The slopes are located in more than 1,700 meters above sea level in the district Estoul that surprises with its sunny location and its stunning panoramic views.

In summer, the magical lake with shady picnic area turns to the center for sunbathing, beach volleyball and relaxing walks.

Many of the districts of Brusson, that is located in the middle of the Evançon valley, are widely scattered in the picturesque mountains. Some localities have with their old and well-preserved buildings that still bear witness to the earlier craft, preserves the character of a typical mountain village. Especially popular are the events organized by the tourist office, who are dedicated to just the old craft, the equipment and the old customs.

Kontakt Lyžařská oblast Brusson / Monterosa

Monterosa s.p.a.
Route Ramey, 69, I-11020 Ayas - Champoluc

+39 0125 303111
Sněhový telefon
+39 0125 300494
+39 0125 303145
Úvodní stránka
Horské lanovky Turistický svaz
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